PSP Delivered!

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03-05-2005 17:24:20

Finally after 6 LONG days my PSP from Gratis arrives! No spiderman 2 movie but at the same time, I have NO Dead Pixels! Woot Woot!

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03-05-2005 17:25:16

I have been approved today, hahahahahahahaahahahahha


03-05-2005 17:30:24

Hey dude congrats. Don't use the sleve that comes with the PSP. It kinda scratched my screen. S

artful abortions

03-05-2005 17:31:55

i think i can make out a psp somewhere in that tiny tiny picture.


03-05-2005 17:37:23

LOL. Thanks. I'm not using that case. I have a seperate Pelican PSP case. I also purchased a Pelican Screen protector and put it on before I started to play it (not shown in picture). I also got a power brick and 1gb memory.

1. Tony Hawk
2. Twisted Metal
3. Wipeout Pure
4. Ridge Racer

I also preordered a few movies and the PSP Theater Experience. And guess what, all the money I've spent towards PSP games/accessories ($500) came from free sites ). You could say I'm ready ;).


03-05-2005 17:37:49

Congrats! I got mine today too but I noticed 2 dead pixels already. (


03-05-2005 17:41:09

[quotebf38dc102f="hcl40u"]Congrats! I got mine today too but I noticed 2 dead pixels already. ([/quotebf38dc102f]

That must suck. Did you get spiderman 2?


03-05-2005 18:39:01

6 days is NOTHING!


03-05-2005 18:40:12

Not when you've been waiting since 3/1 on top of that ;).


03-05-2005 19:09:54

No Spiderman 2.