Who is waiting for next approval process?

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03-05-2005 12:44:26

I know I am. Been waiting since yesterday so its not like I waited so long. But some of you guys have been waiting for a month or so.

There are MANY PSPs in CIRCULATION in the STATES, so I don't know why there is a hold up. Maybe gratis is just playing with the money, buying their ferraris and what not..


03-05-2005 13:09:58

ive been waiting since 4/28 so it hasnt even been 5 days yet


03-05-2005 13:32:38

I've been waiting for about an hour D . They usually go all at once, right? BTW Stroid, love the new avatar, and what's up with the broken image link in the sig?


03-05-2005 13:33:33

most of them go at once but thats not a definite rule


03-05-2005 14:18:45

Been waiting since 4/10

GSXR 600

03-05-2005 14:43:15

4/12 here.


03-05-2005 15:01:11

4/7 just got put on hold ( hopefully they realize I did nothing wrong or I can explain...for whatever reason, all that wait for this x


03-05-2005 15:14:46

4/12, not approved yet.


03-05-2005 15:42:32

i've been waiting... ~ 2 weeks..... ugh still not approved...


03-05-2005 15:46:21

yeah its pretty annoying if they are approving 4/7 today thats damn near a month behind

GSXR 600

03-05-2005 15:46:53

[quotec7298cc37e="GSXR 600"]4/12 here.[/quotec7298cc37e]

YES, I just got approved somewhere in the last 30 minutes. Finally! D


03-05-2005 15:48:20

woot woot you know what would kick ass is if i get home from work and that sexy icfreepod is blinking


03-05-2005 15:52:40

Anybody else approved yet?


03-05-2005 16:04:11

Bah, 2 greys. Damn them!


03-05-2005 16:06:24

4/27... i can still wait, but this backup with the other people is making me think we'll be waiting a loooooooooong time

/me goes to play with his "Phree" PSP


03-05-2005 16:20:20

damn still no approval but i am a 4/28 and i have 7g so im not to worried although you never know


03-05-2005 16:55:12

ive been waiting for a while also
AND im waiting to be approved from phree

Tony White

03-05-2005 20:01:52

I've been waiting since Sunday 5-1-05. It's my second attempt and I only have 5 greens, so I'm hoping they all pass inspecition this time. Last time I went 4/5, so I'm at it again.


03-05-2005 20:45:10

waiting since 5/3 for freehandbags... my bf's lil bro has been waiting over a week for psp approval

edit i have 6 greens for handbags and they are all unique.. hopefully 5 followed the rules and i'll get approved )


04-05-2005 04:56:01

waiting since 4/18..........I sent an inquiry and the said they were working on it "as we speak" probably a canned respose though.