Question about not receiving credit - hotmail email?

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03-05-2005 07:01:25

I submitted for approval and did not receive credit for any of people who use a hotmail account. Is this just a coincidence or is there another reason for this?


03-05-2005 07:51:31

Probably coincidence..

btw when did you submit for approval


03-05-2005 09:09:23

I believe it was April 25th. They said 1 or more of my referals were not unique. They all have hotmail email in common. Other than that I don't know why they didn't count them.

I sent a message to them and am awaiting a reply.


03-05-2005 09:15:47

Thats all they said was that the "@hotmail" was on all of them? I find that extremely, extremely hard to believe.

Theres gotta be more to this story, lol.


03-05-2005 09:22:09

No they didn't say anything about hotmail. It's just that I noticed the referrals they didn't approve had hotmail addresses.

They just just said 1 or more of my referrals did not appear to be unique or something like that.


03-05-2005 13:18:54

Well, then thats what it is P