Tips on current offers?

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02-05-2005 22:03:36

Just signed onto today.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the current crop of offers?

I have no idea which one to sign up for and which ones have instant verification.

All the offers mentioned on all the guides seem to be gone.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!



02-05-2005 22:11:06

freebidding, all the $3.95 shipping, vid prof, and napster seem to credit the best... although it hasn't been so for me recently. before however, they were fine


02-05-2005 22:19:38

on the contrary, freebidding hasn't credited me for another gratis site in 2 weeks


02-05-2005 23:17:36

I havent tried any of the new offers yet But blockbuster hasnt credited one of my refs for almost 1 1/2 weeks now ( i hope he gets it soon though, if not im gonna have him ask gratis for a manual credit....


03-05-2005 01:43:20

blockbuster took 1 day for me and 2 of my buds.


03-05-2005 04:15:57

Blockbuster took two days for me and that was over the weekend.