Multiple account removal

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02-05-2005 19:34:13

Ok, so I made some other names on the free PSP offer on some other e-mails that I'm not going to use. Is there any way to get rid of them? Becasue I'm scared that I'll get in trouble and be put on hold for having more then one account from the same adress. Thanks in advanced.


02-05-2005 19:37:17

Unsubscribe depending on the site, and your already probably going to get in trouble


02-05-2005 19:40:14

Yeah, if you signed up from the same computer and you used the same personal information - then they will put all your accounts in HOLD


02-05-2005 19:41:13

So, can I get rid of one of the names? And just so you know, I didn't do any of the offers for them except for one on the PSP one. Also, can you still get anything if they put you on hold?


02-05-2005 19:53:47

no you cant remove the names....and you will prolle be put on hold and you cannot recieve anything after a hold


02-05-2005 19:56:50

lisighli I sent them a message explaining what happened. I don't think they'll comply, so I guess I'll have to make another new account and use my friends address. Also, how will you know if you're on HOLD? Will it tell you just right there after you do your offer? I did the offer and everything, but it hasn't confirmed it yet, so will it tell me after it is confirmed? Thanks for everyone's help.


02-05-2005 20:31:50

You'll only be placed on hold once you submit for approval after you get your refs and everything. Also, you cannot just use your friends address to sign up. You have to sign up at his house too as they track your IP address not just home addresses.


04-05-2005 20:20:12

Problem fixed. I messaged Customer Service and they said that they would be happy to get rid of my other names. So anyone else in my position, do the same.


04-05-2005 20:30:02

lets see if that works out that well when you go for approval


04-05-2005 21:31:07

Well it depends on a few more factors. If he signed up under himself then yes he will be on hold, but if he didnt and just has a 2nd account sitting there then he may not get placed on hold.

<---Has two accounts, one was made in Taiwan, one was made in Oregon. But i used the one from Taiwan and ditched the one from Oregon. Even though it still exists its not being used. And i have never been on hold from Gratis.


05-05-2005 07:46:58

kashou I am in the same situation as you, what did you say to them whe you emailed them? Just that you have extra accounts and want to keep that specific one? Thanks!


08-05-2005 09:51:06

This is exactly what I told him.

Hello. I am afraid I have made multiple accounts from the same adress. I would like to remove the other name I have made. I am not currently on HOLD, but I soon will be because of my multiple names. If we could arrange getting rid of one of my names ( to avoid from me getting on HOLD, that would be great. Thank you

Just to let you know, I gave up on this name and started another account on another computer for another address. But the person above me should try doing what I did and keep us updated on your situation.


09-05-2005 11:12:11

hey, so on thursday I did basically what you said, he mail them, told them i had multiple accounts blah blah i said that i was worried it might affect me during apporval. They responded and said taht if i told em what accounts i made they would put them on hold so they wouldnt affect my account. I responded right back with the accounts and they put all the accounts on hold soon after. So now i should be golden to get my ipod, just one more green.


09-05-2005 17:07:48

so what your saying is that you have multiple accountss... once there on hold it wont affect the 1 you want.... interesting.... (not implying anythign by the way)