Who's STV on the Wega?

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02-05-2005 14:32:32

I've been STV since 4/18, and I'm gettin a little peaved. Anybody else in the same waiting boat?


03-05-2005 09:11:07

Yep. I've been STV since 4/18 also.


03-05-2005 10:29:50

same here im kind of pissed. im trying to prove to some friends that its real and i told them on the 18th to just give me like 2 weeks and it should be here... well they are all making fun of me now because its been 2 weeks and i havent even gotten a call from the shipping company.

Them taking forever isnt helping my cause... plus the sooner i get my tv the sooner Xbox live can be hooked up ?


03-05-2005 14:52:06

Ive been processing since 4/22 so i dunno... kind of irritating