Sent for approval: 5-2-05

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Tony White

02-05-2005 12:39:03

Just got the last green I needed this afternoon and I sent my account for approval. Hopefully things go without incident. Wish me luck!


02-05-2005 13:08:44

Guten Gluck.


02-05-2005 13:22:30

Good luck!

Ive been processing for 10 days now.. hopefully it will turn stv soon

Tony White

02-05-2005 14:10:50

It sucks when you have to wait. Before I went to approval status, I could check my accounts in hopes that somebody greened. Now, I know I have to wait days or weeks to see if anybody goes black (

I'm also waiting for approval on freeipods. I submitted that account yesterday. It's my second time since I got one black referral last time. So, I guess my waiting pain is twice as bad. Oh well. Maybe everything will move quickly roll