Requestion approval for the 3rd & last time

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02-05-2005 12:06:07

Okay, so I'm requesting for approval for the 3rd time (
Everytime, I get that last ref, it gets DQ'd. Now, I know this last person did everything right, but there's no telling what they might find with some other ref that they already approved. But I swear, if I don't t get approved this time, I quiting that damn site w/ 4 greens. It just hurts my feeling every time they reject a ref lol, I can't handle the rejection one more time.

So everyone wish me luck.


02-05-2005 13:06:38

good luck, it took me 3 times to get approved. I sent in a few inquiries (one before I submitted for approval and one right after) and I was finally approved.


02-05-2005 13:11:22

I've been approved first time on every gratis site....But I also had 6 of 4 refs on FreeGaming and 8/5 on maybe that helps..


02-05-2005 13:14:26

I've actually never had any ref rejected on any other site I've done except freeipods. Every other site is smooth sailing.

Tony White

02-05-2005 14:21:45

I just sent for approval yesterday. It's my second attempt. I only have 5 greens (with a yellow pending approval if Gratis gets around to crediting the offer) and I have a bad feeling about it. If that yellow doesn't green, I have a feeling they'll DQ someone and I'll have to give it a third attempt. It's frustrating, but hopefully the third time is the charm for you Retro (and here's hoping the second time is the charm for me).


03-05-2005 10:05:59

Weird, now one of the refs they dq'd is now green again.

But of course I'm not approved yet.


03-05-2005 10:34:04

good luck!! hope you get will be very happy if you quit the site with 4 green refs!! dont quit just keep trying!! and if you do quit, give me ur account lol but good luck tho


03-05-2005 10:55:25

lol, yeah Gratis is banking on me quitting. I wonder why they un dq'd that ref of mine now and didn't approve me at the same time.