APPROVED TODAY!!! 05/02/2005

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02-05-2005 10:06:40

yeah bitches! i finally got approved after 2 weeks of i guess ill have to wait 4 weeks to go STV, and 5 more weeks to actually get it.

anyone else get approved today?


02-05-2005 10:12:48

Nah, you won't have to wait 9 weeks, that's way too long. More like 8 wink Congrats on getting approved.


02-05-2005 10:23:17

Can you tell us on exactly what date you requested approval?


02-05-2005 10:29:34

i requested approval on the 18th of April.


02-05-2005 10:54:32

Well crap, that means they are approving another round before we go STV I would assume. Congrats to you but that sucks for the rest of us who have been processing.

Your processing time wont be long at all.


02-05-2005 11:03:03

yeah that is shit......hopefully we all STV soon.


02-05-2005 13:05:59

Got approved today too...I think I requested around 2 weeks ago...


02-05-2005 13:40:44

hopefully we go STV this week D

Tony White

02-05-2005 14:16:04

I sent my account for approval yesterday. Based on all of the posts, it sounds like I'm in for an extra long wait for approval. Oh well.


02-05-2005 14:33:22

April 8th - submit for approval (1st attempt)
April 19 - Put on hold, sent support ticket
April 20 - Recevied response from Gratis saying that they need to verify my address and that I didn't do so when I signed up initially
April 21 - Gratis removed hold status and I sumbit for approval (2nd attempt)
May 2 - Approved. Placed order 8)

Now it's time for me to join the wait with the rest of you, haha. If they process orders in batches (like it seems they do for approvals) we'll be STV in a week or two.


02-05-2005 14:43:02

i think we'll go STV sometime in september... at the rate gratis is working who knows?


02-05-2005 14:51:45

Wow, can't believe I'm actually in processing after starting this damn thing last summer....

I submitted for approval on the 18th of April, so it wasn't that long a wait.

I'm guessing the longest part is only starting now...


02-05-2005 22:17:56

oh dont say that! (