DHL, PSP, and my weekend...

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01-05-2005 23:53:11

DHL didn't end up delivering on Friday, due to the muck-up with the address change, rechange, etc. so I called and requested to pick it up. They said no problem. I get there 10 minutes before they close and the lady at the desk said, "oh, customer service never said that you would be coming to pick it up. We can deliver on Saturday if you want, or if you have time, you can sit and wait, we have a plane that needs to have shipments on it before 8 PM, so it may take more than 30 minutes!"

No problem, I said, as I waited paitently in the chair in front of the desk. Finally, at 805 PM, a guy came out from the back and said, "finally found it."

My girlfriend had called me twice. She was pissed that I made her wait an hour for my return. But luckily, I live with in a fairly large house with 40+ people, so she had friends to complain to while waiting. She got to play Lumines, and got a nice dinner to boot!

She played all day Saturday while I went to the job fair, my brother got to play it when I got back from the job fair, and we all went out to dinner. Sunday came around and I went home, my mom got to play lumines for about 30 minutes, then my dad got to hog the game before I left for school, so I ended up washing my car and my mom's car, planted some flowers, and finally got to play for a little bit before dinner and leaving for school.

Ugh, now it's 245 AM and I need to get some sleep. I think I am going to have a horrible week, juggling my final two projects, final exams, late homeworks, etc... but it will be great to be graduated with two degrees after May 22, especially after 5 years of 18+ credit semesters and a year abroad.


02-05-2005 11:07:24

house with 40 people? wtf yall the hillbillies or something LOL


02-05-2005 11:43:57

I am guessing that's a frat house...


02-05-2005 12:45:05

Can't remember the movie, but I do remember the line...

"Don't call the fraternity a frat. You wouldn't call your country a c$nt, would you?!"

Being an old "frat-boy" that one always made me laugh.


02-05-2005 17:32:05

haha creep, this is RI, the only hillbillies we have are on the border of CT and MA! Really scary up there, but seriously, I hope I don't offend anyone who lives in that area!

My home during the school year is the International Engineering Program House; a fairly large house for college students. It used to be a frat house, which the engineering program took over in 1995 (after the frat got kicked off campus) for rennovation.

Luckily, I get to move out of this nut house after graduation, and lose the high speed internet connection and WiFi too.


02-05-2005 17:46:38

lol well congrats on getting the psp after all that trouble with DHL have fun playing with it...