Should I give up and do another offer?

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01-05-2005 08:39:57

So one of my refs did Miracle Burn, and itll be a week now and it hasnt gone green..Should I just get another person and have him do another offer? I been waiting for a week and it sucks so much for that last green. Most of you guys know what I'm talking about.


01-05-2005 08:50:01

I did MiracleBurn for this guy like 2 days ago - iand I got green next day - great offer. Maybe he did something wrong.


01-05-2005 08:50:21


what company is miracle burn charge wise?


02-05-2005 12:04:13

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stilllll nooooottt greeeeeennnnn!!!

What company is miracle burn? Like the charge on the CC what name should it show?


02-05-2005 12:25:07

i havent had a problem with urban nautrition offers cept feel serenity never got credit =/