FreeDesktopPC: Submitted for approval

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30-04-2005 22:20:51

I just submitted for approval. It is a new month. I am wondering if they are going to change the dell again (fingers crossed) or offer a dell gift certificate as an option. I would love to get a gift certificate to cyberpower. Then I could upgrade to the system with nforce4 and a 3ghz processor.


01-05-2005 18:46:06

Have they offered gift certificates before? Explain.


01-05-2005 20:25:00

hmmm...i dont think they have but i could be wrong....maybe he was just wishfully thinking.

out of curiosity how long did it take you from when you signed up to getting all your referrals green?


02-05-2005 00:07:07

I think it took me a little over a month. I could have done it more quickly but I did strictly trades at first and held off on making a trade thread. Only when I needed my final ref did I create a trade post. I had a green within an hour or two.


02-05-2005 00:23:18

sweet.....i was hpoing to get my notebooks4free done by then end of this month, but nobody is biting. (

did you get your PC yet?


02-05-2005 00:29:24

I submitted my order on the the 22nd (a Friday) so it's really only been processing for 5 business days. Hopefully it will go STV tomorrow.


02-05-2005 11:16:06

My comments were just hopeful thinking. I have been working on this one off and on for the last 6-7 months. I took a long break while I was working on other sites. This one seemed out of reach for the longest time.


02-05-2005 13:16:44

For the people who have gotten the system already. Is the processor in the cyberpower the 939 pin 90nm?


03-05-2005 05:31:07


motherboard description in this thread[=http//]thread


03-05-2005 05:43:46

Thanks for the linkage. I will probably get the dell. The AMD would have been worth it if to get pci-e all I would have to do is swap out the motherboard. I don't plan on keeping this computer for a long time, and I want to be able to use the components in a new computer when I build one.


03-05-2005 10:08:17

liWaitsli Hope the processing doesn't take as long as this approval... this and xbox are way slow.


04-05-2005 03:08:25

Processing does not usually take as long as the approval. They wait until they get a good amount of people before they approve the accounts. Once they are ready to buy the computers they will approve a group and take the orders. At least this is the way they were doing it for the freeipodshuffle.