Can 5 people register under me? Please?

Live forum:


29-04-2005 20:21:16

Here is my referral page, I would really appreciate it you would refer under me!!! Thanks! http//[]http//


29-04-2005 20:27:43

you're retarded... do you know anything? i don't care if you're a new user, you suck ass. trade for referrals or something, you won'r get any here. by the way, i apologize in advance if me and your mom wake you up later tonight.

get out the ban hammer.
http//[" alt=""/img36c3bca787]

BTW, I tried to sign up under your referral link (since even though i'm harsh, i'm nice), but it doesn't appear to be working. It may be me, but i believe your referral link is malfunctioning. PM stroid or comppimp with the link and they'll help you to get it working again


29-04-2005 21:22:49

yeah they can help you, they helped me too......just show them this post and they'll see you need help.


29-04-2005 21:40:54

Ill sign up under your link!!!!! yay!!!!! I bet your excited, cause I need my Epod!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, no I wont.


29-04-2005 21:43:49

Oh shit, signed up and did an offer. Once in a lifetime opportunity bitches, jump on the wagon.


29-04-2005 22:22:38

Done! i hope you enjoy your pod


29-04-2005 22:41:35

Lmao enjoy the...



29-04-2005 22:42:38

I like you so much, I signed up twice for you... I hope that doesn't cause a problem... )



29-04-2005 23:40:18

ive signed up doode and i got all 5 of my friend to sign up under you under the same computer...LOL

http//[" alt=""/imgaf70246698] [img="af70246698]http//[" alt=""/imgaf70246698] [img="af70246698]http//[" alt=""/imgaf70246698]

But the rules and i suggest you take off your ref link


29-04-2005 23:44:28

Someone ban em.


30-04-2005 00:29:35

http//[" alt=""/imgf4889c90fb]


30-04-2005 01:56:54

Lol his hopes were probably so high until he read half way down the page.


30-04-2005 09:37:19

what the freak?! they didnt help you yet!!!???

hmmm thats strange....usually they jump on this kinda help.


30-04-2005 09:44:22

YAY! I SIGNED UP FOR YOU! AND 3 OF MY FRIENDS DID TOO! Your ipod will be there soon, but the 300 dollar bill will come first!

And yout hought they actually give free stuff... haha!


30-04-2005 10:33:11

[quote75bb7bffc6="highkicks07"]Here is my referral page, I would really appreciate it you would refer under me!!! Thanks! http//[]http//[/quote75bb7bffc6]



30-04-2005 11:12:11

[quotea5c59b022c="highkicks07"]Here is my referral page, I would really appreciate it you would refer under me!!! Thanks! http//[]http//[/quotea5c59b022c]

http//[" alt=""/imga5c59b022c]
He Will Sign Up For You


30-04-2005 11:29:11

LOL, can we keep this thread, just for it's humor?