annoyed with rant

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29-04-2005 17:10:41

I'm getting a little annoyed with for not replying to my question.

I got an STV over three weeks ago. I checked DHL with my order number, and on April 15, my preliminary order information popped up, with an estimated delivery date of April 18th. Woohoo!

Then on April 20th, my status updated as SHIPPED. WOOHOO! DHL info has no new information on it being shipped. Man...

Now it's over a week later, and despite my "SHIPPED" status, DHL assures me it hasn't be shipped yet. My queries to have only received the inital form letter and no further responses beyond that.

So i guess SHIPPED doesn't actually mean it's shipped...Man....


29-04-2005 17:17:11

I have been waiting over 1 month for approval - at least you are approved.

Note Ipod Shuffle - mine didn't say shipped - I received the shuffle and like 3 days later I got shipped. this may help you