best place to buy psp games

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28-04-2005 23:20:39

Who has the best prices on PSP games? eBay?


28-04-2005 23:24:49

Was at bestbuy today and they had a lot of games at 39.99 and when i was at gamestop they were about 5 bux more. Still trying to decide which game i want to buy first either lumines,wipeout or tony hawk


28-04-2005 23:53:39

i've played most of them... get wipeout, ac!d, and nfsu
ac!d's great once you get into the idea of how to play
tony hawk got boring for me


29-04-2005 00:26:02

I just signed up for the trial from this will be a great way to try a couple games ) ordered wipeout and nfsu


29-04-2005 07:15:40

If you have a GameCrazy by you check there store out.


29-04-2005 10:20:39

[quote579341bb24="bols24"]I just signed up for the trial from this will be a great way to try a couple games ) ordered wipeout and nfsu[/quote579341bb24]

thats what i did... i heard mixed reviews of ac!d so i tried it out and fell in love


29-04-2005 11:20:09

I'm in the same boat. I bought it with no previous experience with Metal Gear releases. But being an avid fan of special ops type games (i.e. Splinter Cell), it looked interesting.

First whack at it... I HATED it!!! But now that I have taken the time to learn the cards and the strategy... I have really gotten into it.

I just wish they would let you speed up the dialogue. Too much blah, blah, blah [next], blah, blah, blah, [next]. Why the hell would you pause the dialogue for a statement like "..." [next], "..." [next]. Is that REALLY necessary?!

And how I would LOVE to kill those damn dolls!!!! twisted


29-04-2005 11:23:11

lol, i hate the long dialogues too and i didnt get the cards in the first place either. but i read a walkthrough for the first level and now i see how it goes


29-04-2005 13:39:31

Wipeout and twisted metal are excellent.

Lumines is fun as hell

Darkstalkers is a great game if you like the genre/series.

Ridge racer is ehhh so so.

Never played NFSU or ac!d


29-04-2005 14:12:55

GameFly is pretty schweet. I got Mercury today, and have yet to play it, but it has influenced my decisions. I may get NFSU and Ridge Racres, while I will decline Twisted Metal.


29-04-2005 14:51:57

Everywhere I go says Ridge Racer is a lot better than NFSUR. That's probably what I'll get as a first game.