Processing for 1 month today

Live forum:


28-04-2005 18:41:39

I have been processing on freegamingsystems since 3/28, exactly 1 month ago today. Based on your guys' experiences, how much longer do you expect it will take before i get my PS2?


28-04-2005 18:51:45

same day for me, I want my ps2 so i can sell it for some psp games!


28-04-2005 19:02:27

I requested my account to be approved today.

I'll let you know if I get approved


28-04-2005 19:41:33

Also been processing since 3/28.


28-04-2005 20:12:22

I was approved in 2 hours and placed my order the same day, 4/26/05. 2 days ago D

I'm going for the XBOX though so I don't expect to get it before July roll


28-04-2005 20:12:42

Processing since 3/14 on my XBox, sent them a CS inquiry, haven't gottena response.


29-04-2005 12:20:59

my ps2 has been processing since 4/13 and i thought that was a long time. ( hopefully i'll be in your guys' STV batch.


01-05-2005 08:12:19

also processing since 3/28 hopefully within 3 weeks