Does DHL work on weekends?

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28-04-2005 16:40:22

I'm just wondering, does DHL still "travel" on weekends? When I say "travel" I mean will my psp still be in transit? Or will it be in some cold warehouse for 2 days? I know they don't deliver, but I want to know if they still would be in transit. Anyone have any ideas?


28-04-2005 16:52:36

I dont think so...try calling them and asking.

1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)


28-04-2005 17:10:02

hmm that's a good question est delivery date is 5/3 so regardless whether they work or not it should come on your est delivery date.


28-04-2005 17:53:20

they delivered my ipod photo on a Saturday, It was estimated for monday and i stressed that i needed it before i left town and they got it done! ;)


30-04-2005 13:47:55

and i just got my psp today (saturday)


30-04-2005 14:11:01

i got my psp today as well


30-04-2005 15:11:00

Doesn't Saturday delivery require an extra fee?


30-04-2005 19:16:09

who cares if it does its paid by efullfillment not me;)