the mac mini server

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28-04-2005 15:49:56

i am using my mini as a server. I have one of my domains pointing to it now. Now I just need to develop the site. Its pretty cool, I am just wondering what type of traffic it can handle. I will put up some pics on the site soon. Its currently conntected to my TV, and is sitting in my entertainment center. Now I am looking to get macminis4free and flatscreens4free so i can have a redundant server and an LCD to use for the system instead of ARD or my TV.


28-04-2005 16:38:22

what kind of internet connection do you have, and what is your upload speed?


28-04-2005 16:42:34

How'd you go about hooking it up to your TV? I'm waiting for my mini to arrive, and would LOVE to set it up as a media center.


28-04-2005 16:43:33

updated with pictures in my server "rack"

I use comcast. not the best, but if and when i need more bandwidth, i will get a faster more reliable connection.


28-04-2005 17:15:43


Apple DVI to Video adaptor. 19.00