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28-04-2005 12:34:40

Well I just submitted for approval on this site. Anyone else recently submit?


28-04-2005 19:40:36



03-05-2005 09:36:22

I submitted for approval today, 5/3...


04-05-2005 07:05:10

Hopefully Jennie we can get approvals some time soon


04-05-2005 11:49:52


Did you get approved today?

What about you Jennie?


04-05-2005 13:50:54

I submitted for approval on Monday and got approved today.


04-05-2005 15:03:09


Did you get approved today?

What about you Jennie?[/quotef69fd35a63]

Yup! approved! )

I ordered the Coach in hopes of a $250 gift card )

no NM near my house unless I go into the city, and I'd rather not be limited to (or whatever that other site I heard about was). Too bad there aren't any more checks going out...

how long does it take to get the giftcards? This site seems to be going much faster than the others..


04-05-2005 19:25:34

Lets hope we dont have to wait 2 years


05-05-2005 11:26:03

How long does it take for the Coach? anyone know? I got an estimate of 1-2 weeks from the site when I placed my order. (as compared with the 4-6 week estimate I got from freeipods)


05-05-2005 11:28:13

1-2 weeks on handbags? ) NO WAY!)
Those estimates are just there for having something.. they mean nothing


05-05-2005 11:33:02

even if they are just sending gift cards? 1-2 weeks sounds good though (


05-05-2005 16:47:28

LoL! You guys/gals like this canned response!

5/5/2005 65727 PM
customer service wrote

>Due to the high volume of customer inquiries, we cannot provide each person with a time frame of when they will each receive their order.

We ask that you be patient during the order fulfillment process as it is not an "instantaneous" process. Orders are grouped together in the time period that they are initially placed by the customer and then sent to the product's vendor for the orders to be fulfilled.

Once your order is placed with the product vendor it is processed and then shipped to you.

When your order ships you will be notified and will receive tracking information (tracking number not applicable to to follow your order's shipment. Please be patient and your account will be updated when your order ships.
Again, we cannot provide individual order updates; your account will update itself as soon as any change to your order status occurs.

5/5/2005 65727 PM
RealtorKen wrote
Just to let you know, if it would be easier to just send out the Ashford gift certificate, I would much rather that.