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27-04-2005 14:50:03

Order # XXXXXX FreePSPs.com 4/5/2005 63100 PM Shipped



27-04-2005 14:51:43

me too. finally, i'm done with gratis sites!


27-04-2005 14:52:25

good shit!! im hella happy for yall!!


27-04-2005 14:56:19

Shipped tambien. Notice how quickly this update posted rather than others, where Shipped status occurs usually only after someone receives the gift. THey knew they were in trouble )


27-04-2005 15:04:57

Shipped) Cool, Time to set up an auction)


27-04-2005 15:28:57

Same here, DONE WITH GRATIS, no more new sites with them. Just gonna finish out the ones I have and move to OC exclusively.


27-04-2005 15:52:25

finally they shipped, exp receive date is 5/2 for me


27-04-2005 15:53:39

i so want a PSP but I'm going to eBay it so I can buy a CRF50 )


27-04-2005 16:42:21

I'm getting mine Friday.

eBay or not? hmmm


27-04-2005 16:47:22

NO NATE! Never! )


27-04-2005 16:54:16

went official here too. comin in on friday!


27-04-2005 16:54:46

[quotec72d95cfdd="PodTopia"]NO NATE! Never! )[/quotec72d95cfdd]

Ok I will use it. I will give the DS to my brother because if I don't give him anything, he will act all retarded and fuss up a storm about how I get free things and he doesn't.

With PhreePSPs down for eternity and beyond, I suppose I will have to get some games at ToysRUs or something. I am going to start out with just Wipeout, and hopefully order Lumines and 2 others from PhreePSPs if it isn't a scam.

I also hope to get enough TrialClix points for a $25 Amazon GC so that will help with another game...


27-04-2005 17:11:23

Wow, seems like your brother's pretty messed up. But yea, keep the PSP, it trumps the DS by far. PhreePSPs may not be permanently down, but I dont' know for sure. And finally, TrialClix $25 GCs come in handy, I bought GTA with 2 of mine ).


27-04-2005 22:57:33

So willietanner... werent you saying that the psps wouldnt be shipped out on the 27th? jk i dont care hehe

Im still trying to decide if i wanna sell this and get back the money i spent on being impatient and buying one from the store.. haha


28-04-2005 11:00:33

Congrats all. Good to see Gratis now shipping the PSPs.... and with the Spiderman 2 UMD.


28-04-2005 11:35:27

tuesday for me )


28-04-2005 12:02:36

congrats everyone!! hopefully the next batch of STV still has the spiderman 2 UMD D


28-04-2005 12:21:02

[quote32578dfc08="chillywilly"]Congrats all. Good to see Gratis now shipping the PSPs.... and with the Spiderman 2 UMD.[/quote32578dfc08]

...so they are coming with the bundle pack?