Miracle Burn credit time?

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27-04-2005 10:16:06

I was under the impression it was instant. The offer was done Sunday night. Anyone know how long the wait time is on it usually?


27-04-2005 14:01:17

you did it on a wekend id say it should be greening anytime now


28-04-2005 05:09:10

haha still nothing, I did freebidding.com yesterday and that didn't go through either. WTF, I need 2 more refs, and the people that did those 2 offers didnt even go through yet...it SUCKS!!


28-04-2005 06:48:24

Yeah, I'm a bit concerned about miracle burn too.


28-04-2005 12:34:30

my friend did freebidding yesterday and that went through faster than that miracle burn crap.


28-04-2005 17:47:30

gartis now says 1-2 days on miracleburn. we'll see...


29-04-2005 08:01:05

its been 1-2 days to get credit forever. The offer was done on Sunday night. It has been 5 days today since the offer was completed.


29-04-2005 13:52:42

Mine just credited in 1 day


29-04-2005 15:39:56

When did you do it?


29-04-2005 19:54:02

[quote1b5cf05d74="bsi4063"]When did you do it?[/quote1b5cf05d74]

yesterday (Thursday). Don't feel bad. i've got a guy who swears he did an offer for me yesterday but gratis doesn't even show him on my referrals. cry


29-04-2005 20:21:57

see but someone did do it, got charged and is a ref under me and it hasnt gone through, and its the last one i need for it to go through. and its for the freepsp site not freeipods, ill wait and see what happens till Monday, but this is ridiculous.