Looking to get a flatscreen.

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27-04-2005 09:56:01

I'm looking get a flatscreen to go with my new computer. Would a monitor I get from freeflatscreens be better than one I could buy with $300 from tech4free? I'd only need 4 more refs with tech4free (I'd need 6 with flatscreens) but I'd go with flatscreens if it would be a better monitor. Are tech4free refs a lot easier to get than flatscreens? I'd imagine they would be. Thanks.


30-04-2005 00:12:37

Everyone, please don't reply so often! Anyway, I've settled on flatscreens. A trip to Best Buy set me straight on the price of these things.


30-04-2005 01:00:21

As far as I know, most of the monitors are worth around 300-375 or so. I think the 19" Sony is a good one, definitely worth more than $300, so you may try for that one.


30-04-2005 01:05:08

i say get the cash from tech4free and get a freeflatscreen you benefit more that way