referals signed up on my computer at a sleepover (HELP)

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26-04-2005 15:45:08

I had all of my friends over for a sleepover and got them to sign up under me on I just recently found out that you can't sign up from the same computer. None of the people that signed up have the same home address as me. What should I do? (I just emailed gratis and told them what happened. Do you think that will help). And please truly try to help and don't tell me that I'm screwed.


26-04-2005 15:47:29

Also, how many referals does take?


26-04-2005 16:36:00

ur fcuked


26-04-2005 18:06:53

According to the Gratis T&C

[quoteda3ba5af9a](e) A user may not "walk" a referral through the creation of an account or any subsequent campaign activity on our referral based sites. All users must sign up for their individual account themselves and are responsible for completing the offer process themselves. If a user is found to have "walked" a referral through the signup and/or offer process, all involved parties will have their accounts placed on hold.[/quoteda3ba5af9a]

Sounds like you're SOL. I had a similar situation where someone signed up and completed his offer on my computer, but that was because he doesn't have internet access at his house. Before I sent in for approval I explained my situation, and said that I was confident I had complied with the above rule. There's nothing explicit in the T&C that says two people can't sign up on the same computer. The guy wrote back and said thanks for my honesty, that he would put a note on my account alerting the fraud people about my situation, and to go ahead and submit. Not sure what that means... still waiting for approval.


26-04-2005 18:37:34

If you're still having sleepovers, you're probably breaking another rule too You must be 18 years old.


26-04-2005 20:48:10

[quote87556b2c49="gman225"]If you're still having sleepovers, you're probably breaking another rule too You must be 18 years old.[/quote87556b2c49]


26-04-2005 21:04:03

Unless they're the kind with lingerie and lots of fluffy pillows.


26-04-2005 22:09:50

the last one who hits the Saltine has to eat it.



26-04-2005 23:00:29

[quote4ac4642166="PsychoAU"]the last one who hits the Saltine has to eat it.




26-04-2005 23:19:31

Depends on how many friends and who completed a offer. Also if they all used the same Credit Card may also play a factor. Long story made short if they all completed a offer and turn green while using the same credit card, and they signed up under your link you probably are screwed. Theres alawys Mp3players4free though!


27-04-2005 15:13:53

[quoted8e38e5d37="PsychoAU"]the last one who hits the Saltine has to eat it.


Limp Bizkit, eh?

and yea, I guess it could be a co-ed sleepover at college.


27-04-2005 16:22:21

I got this from Gratis.. Read Bottom to Top.. I might just get a 6th ref anyway and submit a ticket just in case theres some kind of problem.

[quote71ad7fa5f6]4/25/2005 14724 PM
customer service wrote
We have placed on hold so it can't be used in the future. As for yoru mother, as long as she didn't register the same address, you should be in good standing.

4/22/2005 11550 AM wrote
Also, could you delete the account off my list.. Someone who was going to sign up said on an internet forum that the BLockbuster offer was gone, so I registered just to confirm.. No offers will be completed through that referral, so if you could delete it that would be great. I look forward to your response. Thanks, Chris

4/22/2005 10311 AM
customer service wrote
We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

4/22/2005 10310 AM wrote
After reading peoples thoughts about Gratis Internet (which I believe is legitimate), I just want to inform you that my mother signed up for her account at my house, and she was not "walked" through the process. I just wanted to inform you of that in case there was a discrepancy of her signing up through my IP address. If you can, can you reach me at my email= address? address? I really dont want to complete this if my account is going to be placed on hold for that, even though I followed the Terms and Conditions. Please let me know. Thank you, Chris

I was a n00b at the time (yes last week haha) and didnt really know, but they replied to my ticket quickly and I dont think I'll have any problems.. Unless theyre liars.. heh.