Word from gratis on shipping current STV

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26-04-2005 15:44:31

4/26/2005 51009 PM
customer service wrote
Your product should ship on April 27th.

4/25/2005 42345 PM
customer service wrote
We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

4/25/2005 42344 PM
lililililili@earthlink.net wrote
Hello, I sent this inquiry over a month ago and got no response. As for I would like to know if you guys will be shipping before April is over.


26-04-2005 16:14:11

whoa, awesome, so theyre gonna ship tommorow? Do you think the status will change to shipped instead of STV. My DS I got off of FGS said STV when it arrived at my door. (For a little while I thought I was gonna get two.)


26-04-2005 16:14:40



26-04-2005 17:15:25

prolly will just stay stv and u can track it on DHL


26-04-2005 20:30:42

yeah just check on dhl tmrw to see if it shipped, but it might ship tmrw and take 24 hours to register on dhl's system


26-04-2005 22:20:18

i really hope its not DHL, i hate them and they'll probably make me sign for it and no one will be home unlike ups or usps