Its about time, finnally approved lol

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26-04-2005 11:33:52

Ok I got approved, waited since April 1st, i know theres a few people here who waited like me.....
Sucks for us is that a lot of people STV so we did miss the first batch (

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26-04-2005 11:48:09

me too jhennson. waiting april 1st, FINALLY processing. can't wait.


26-04-2005 11:57:03

hopefully after the first batch ships, we wont have to wait a long time to go STV.....My girlfriend also requested for approval for freepsp yesterday so hopefully she's in the same boat as us! D


26-04-2005 14:48:05



26-04-2005 16:24:14

I just got approved. Very happy, Things should start moving fast now (I hope), the first shipment is going out tomorrow.

GSXR 600

26-04-2005 16:36:46

Dammit, I'm still waiting.


26-04-2005 16:37:36

Sent on april 6th or so and not approved (