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26-04-2005 11:02:45

Anyone else have a problem with freebidding taking you to "driving4dollars"? Everytime I go to complete this offer it takes me to the driving4dollars website. Thanks


26-04-2005 11:04:37

are you using internet explorer? it works for me on freedesktoppc (gratis).


26-04-2005 11:10:10

yeah I am, I tried it on several computers and still no luck.


26-04-2005 19:28:43

anyone else have this problem? because it seems to be happening on every computer ive tried.


28-04-2005 15:17:51

Hmm, I am having the same problem... I tried emailing their support (which responds quickly) and the first time they said it might be a problem with adware on my computer. Of course it's not, so I tried emailing them again. They responded saying the signup page is fine, and they gave me directions to delete an entry in my windows "hosts" file. I found the hosts file but it is empty. Not sure what to do next. Anybody have any ideas?