first my sis, now my mom

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25-04-2005 20:43:19

Some of you may remember the situation with my sister a few days ago. For those of you who haven't read my other post, here it is [quote7c246c03a5]My little sister always signs up for all crap she can get her hands on even though most of it is worthless for her. Sure enough, she didn't let me down this time either.

Turns out she already signed up for a year ago or so, but could never complete any offers because she doesn't have a credit card and could not get any of her 14 year old friends to complete the offers either, so basicly a waste of account.

Now, luckily she told me this today as opposed to after I got the 5 referrals and applied for an iPod. So now there are two accounts with the same shipping address. Should I tell Gratis about this or should I just ask her to unsubscribe, or do they still keep the member addresses in their records after unsubscription?[/quote7c246c03a5]

Well, after I told my mom about this, she decided to join too. And even though I clearly told her "do not put in the same address as me, use your work address or something", she put in an identical address thinking it's no big deal. Today she reassured me that everyhting will be fine, because she said "Apt #2" after the address. When you look at our house it's clear that it's a regular house and has no appartments, and I'm sure Gratis is not stupid enough to fall for seeing 1 normal address, and then someone else with identical last name (except different last letter cuz of Russian last names that are different for male and female) mentioning that they happen to be living in the same building in an appartment. Apparently ignorance runs in the family, luckily it skipped over me. Now, if we tell Gratis about this, they will put my mom's account on hold and she won't be able to do anything. However, if she unsubscribes, can she sign up again with her work address or will they still have her in the system?


25-04-2005 20:45:35

id give up and start mp3players4free

ur mom is screwed along with u too


25-04-2005 21:19:24

that's a huge mess. doesn't hurt to talk to gratis but don't try and get approved yet.


25-04-2005 22:00:16

you cant unsubscribe....that option on GRATIS' websites is for you to unsubscribe from newsletters that you may or may not have signed up for when you joined the respective site. accounts cant be deleted either, cos if they could.....then everyone would be deleting accounts when they recieve their free items and then signing up again.

since you can only have 1 account per household you will more than likely be put on hold. also if your mum signed up at the same place (computer/IP address) you signed up then they will put you on hold, thinking you or someone have created multiple accounts.

you can tell GRATIS if you may the best idea cos if theyre going to put you on hold anyway (im assuming), then you dont wanna waste your time (and possibly money), go and get 5 greens, send for approval and then be denied.

so ask them, tell them and see what they say.



25-04-2005 22:53:25

WEll, it's not from the same computer, I did it from my college network, she did it from home.


27-04-2005 11:07:04

Just try again with a different network. Freeipods refs are hard to come by anyway so it's not really worth the hassle.


27-04-2005 14:04:22

ya ur kinda screwed but if you are going to sign up for do it under me please...