Shipping info for Gratis PSP

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25-04-2005 19:19:17

Does anyone know any way to track the shippment of the PSP's from Gratis? I just moved today, the day they went STV. Perfect timing, right? heh Anyway. I need to try to intersept or getting a tracking number to change my address. If anyone knows how to get the shipping info with a reference #, please post. Thanks


25-04-2005 19:30:53

freeoffernows..?? maybe you can search for an answer?? )


25-04-2005 19:58:50

Go here http//

Search for your shipment by using your Gratis order number as the "Shipper's Reference" and your zip code for the "U.S. Destination ZIP."

Once you actually ship, it will show up and you can track/update as needed from there.