So how long of a wait am I in for?

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25-04-2005 19:11:06


I just started this "free" stuff end of March and I finally got my 5 referrals for freeipods. I've just pressed that request approval button. I heard things were slow on freeipods lately, so can anyone tell me how long of a wait to expect? Thanks!


25-04-2005 22:03:09

i just sent for approval last monday and i still havent been approved. so thats 5 business days and 7 week expecting/hoping to be approved in the next 2 days. ill let you know when/if i do.

for some people it can be very quickly and some people it can take a fortnight if not more. i dont know why some people are approved quicker than others, i just wish i was one of them D


26-04-2005 06:25:06

My guess is that you both will be approved this week and we will all go STV next week


26-04-2005 16:39:55

Man if that happened, I'd be a happy camper...

Good luck to us both!


26-04-2005 16:59:11

i started approval on april approved last monday...and i'm still processing...i figured in a month i'd have it for my road trip..they ruined that plan....jerks


27-04-2005 00:59:56

Free is Free ;-)