12/10 Referrals

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25-04-2005 17:50:08


Anyways... I was approved and now I have the big shiny button to redeem. I want to hold out until they start shipping with Tiger, I don't want to mess with the $10 upgrade with proof of bla bla bla. When should I go ahead and click that sexy button for Tiger?


25-04-2005 17:53:29

Just click it now. You get a $10 upgrade if it's ordered before Friday, but it shouldn't matter, because Gratis probably won't ship before Friday.


26-04-2005 10:34:44

i received my mini mac today and i'm part of the 3rd batch of minis that efulfullment shipped out. and according to another guy who received his yesterday, he called apple and had them run his s/n from his mini mac and it shows that gratis purchased the batch on march 1st. so even if they ship after tiger releases this Friday, doesn't mean they bought it after that date....