The secret to getting referrals.

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23-04-2005 21:33:56

Hello, I have a proven method of getting referrals. I just requested approval on freephotoipods with 10 greens. I paid for 1 of them, the other 9 are people i dont even know. I also ended up with about 40+ yellows.

My method also got me 8 greens and nearly 100 yellows on I paid $0 for these refs. I dont even know the 8 people who completed offers and never had any direct communcation with them whatsoever.

If you need help getting referrals on freeipods or freephotoipods let me know. Make me an offer as to how much you will pay me to use your link in the same way i have used mine. Remember, it costs you around $20-$30 per green if you pay for each one on the forums. If you team up with me you will get all the greens you need for the same price or even lower. The highest offer gets the info.

by the way, its not ebay, myspace, chat rooms, or anything stupid like that. Those dont work half as well as what i do.

PM me if interested


24-04-2005 12:47:12



24-04-2005 16:14:28

The secret charging people for your "secret" and using the money to pay for refs.

Eh, worth a shot. )


25-04-2005 13:24:04

I just checked my account and i have been approved and ended up with 14 greens. Not 1 got disqualified either.


25-04-2005 14:09:14

you need to elaborate on your plan it sounds shady


25-04-2005 14:18:15

[quotec54b1eabed="Stroid"]you need to elaborate on your plan it sounds shady[/quotec54b1eabed]

It does sound shady..and i wouldnt pay for that much for it..maybe like 10 bucks.


25-04-2005 14:40:30

i spoke to him his method is legit and worth a shot. although he may want to lower the price a bit


25-04-2005 15:01:18

did any one check out his trade record? yea THAT is certanly a method...
Ill pm anyways...


25-04-2005 15:04:09

I never actually set a price. I was just using $20-$30 as an example of how much you pay for greens on the forums and how a price like that should be well worth it to get the amount of greens that i got. im taking offers though.

I dont want to give out too much publicly but as stroid said, this is a legit offer. I'm not trying to scam anybody or anything. I just figured i could share the success I have had on freeipods and freephotoipods with others who needed some help.


25-04-2005 15:07:35

[quote5bf910d256="Stroid"]you need to elaborate on your plan it sounds shady[/quote5bf910d256]

yea, especially since you say that 'none of them went red'... is there a reason that they should be going red? you really need to elaborate if you dont want to look bad.


25-04-2005 15:17:06

[quote84317cc003="Vector"][quote84317cc003="Stroid"]you need to elaborate on your plan it sounds shady[/quote84317cc003]

yea, especially since you say that 'none of them went red'... is there a reason that they should be going red? you really need to elaborate if you dont want to look bad.[/quote84317cc003]

i figured some of them would get DQ'd since they are all random refferals who i have never met or spoken to online or anything before. I figured people who didnt know how the system worked would try to cheat and make multiple accounts or something.

and if you would scroll down further you will notice that stroid later claimed it to be legit after speaking with me.

So far I have an offer of $25 to help one of the forum members out on freephotoipods. If you would like to make a better offer please contact me on AIM. I dont have the time to respond individually to all these PM's. I can also still take offers for I will explain more once you contact me. Thanks!


25-04-2005 15:23:39

thanks for the info in our PM, i see whats going on now


25-04-2005 16:05:55

Does it have something to do with Google? If so, I know what you do and its fucking just got lucky.


25-04-2005 17:35:42

[quote09b6fa50c7="skatr6689"]Does it have something to do with Google? If so, I know what you do and its fucking just got lucky.[/quote09b6fa50c7]

Oooooo explain more!


25-04-2005 17:37:05

no nothing to do with google


25-04-2005 17:40:03

I need 5 refs. for a it worth it for that many? Hmmm, i need a fixed price to spend..


25-04-2005 18:05:58

I am getting alot of PM's from confused people. I guess i should clear things up.

I dont have a secret method or info that i can tell you. What i do have is a personal website that I made to get referrals. It explains a bit about how the free sites work and it has some proof links to news articles. This site has gotten 5000+ hits since i created it 1 month ago.

I have my referral links on the site and now that it has gotten me enough for and I decided that instead of deleting those links and wasting this opportunity i would offer the chance to other members who need help on those 2 sites. Right now I can only help you with those 2 sites becasue the rest of the sites already have links of mine. Whenever I finish a particular site is when it would become open to new referral links.

I was just going to keep this site a secret since it has worked so well for me, but I have started a new job recently and I havent had much time to promote it. I figure if I put somebodys link on there it would be in their best interest to promote the site so people will find their link. So it works out for both of us.

I know this works, I ended up with 8 greens on freeipods and 14 greens on freephotoipods.

So basically you are paying to get your link onto my site. I have 1 offer so far of $25 for freephotoipods. No offers yet for freeipods.

Think about how much you would have to pay to get all those greens through trades, not to mention the time it would take to find users who can still do freeipods. Then think about what a great deal this would be. You pay me, i put your link up, and it stays there until you complete the site.

Hope that answers some questions.


25-04-2005 18:27:39

If you've finished FreePSPs, could you put my link up there?


25-04-2005 19:07:10

the most current offers can be found below


26-04-2005 05:26:34

Wouldnt that be just advertising.... like banner exchange... could you send a link to your site?


26-04-2005 06:07:52

I'd be interested in freephotoipods, I'll PM and make you a deal today )


26-04-2005 08:42:35

So far the highest offers are as follows

freephotoipods $70 (cartrenroy)
Freeipods $60 (samara131)

I will still take offers through midnight tonight (central time)


26-04-2005 13:06:37

I will be at work from 4-10 tonight so i wont be able to update offers during that time. I will be online after that though. the 2 offers above are current as of 306 PM Central Time.

I have a very good method of advertising my site online that i will share with the 2 people who's links i put up. It is very easy. Takes about 3 mins to complete. The more you advertise the faster you will get your greens. I did this exact same thing to get all my greens. It works really well.


26-04-2005 20:17:52



26-04-2005 21:52:07

CLOSED! However, if this works out for these guys as well as it did for me and they get all their greens. I will open this offer up again after they are finished. I will also soon be taking offers for links to lots of other sites. I'll post something about it in OFF TOPIC when i am ready to do that.


28-04-2005 10:04:30

I saw the site. Nice work.