is a scam?

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23-04-2005 17:10:49

i just signed up for and i found out that one of their offers doesnt require a cc so i completed an offer and so did 2 of my other friends wink


I was wondering if is actually a scam? If you have any ideas, please post it here.


23-04-2005 18:05:41

It looks to me like it would be a scam if it did not require a credit card for one, what exactly did it ask for, just a shipping adress, paypal account?


23-04-2005 20:06:10

To just share my opinion with you on this, I always look for credentials. You know what I mean ?. For example, freeipods has "user testimonials" (which sometimes are buttered anyway lol ) but the "picture gallery" really did it for me. Plus actual video proof such as news events from CNN ABC , etc. etc. And the existance of third party sites that support or revolve around that main site (such as this place) . No-one would waste their time commanding forums and helping others etc. etc. if the site was a scam. Just REALLLLY read into it, and i suppose wait for someones experienced opinion.

Hope I helped ? D
Good Luck


24-04-2005 08:42:37

its the Sam Good Club, thats one of the offers. it says to complete this offer, u need to request 1 quote and i did. i have like 9 greens already. (all will be green on monday since weekends arent business days)


24-04-2005 11:40:56

tell me if you get something from the site, because no credit card would be great for me since people hesitate to do an offer because they are afraid to type in credit cards, or there parents are.


24-04-2005 19:13:23

Haha, i got credit, look at this Snapshot i took of mine for proof.

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