anyone's status say SHIPPED before it was actually shipped?

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23-04-2005 00:16:18

i keep reading about people who have received their ipod long before their freeipod status page reported it as SHIPPED. anyone's ever say "shipped" prior to actually having their ipod shipped?


23-04-2005 20:25:41

Personally, I havent seen any threads about anyone here actually "recieving" their ipod before the page actually posted "shipped". I may be wrong, and havent looked that far back, only since the beginning of april I know off-hand.


Where you might be able to find out, would probably under the "Brag-Bag" section of this forum, under "The FreeiPodGuide Forums Forum Index". If that has happened im sure someone would have posted it there.

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24-04-2005 12:02:11

my ipod got here a day before it was shipped under the status page