Offers aren't going green..

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23-04-2005 00:12:15

I've had 3 completes for about 2 weeks now- and have gotten FOUR MORE PEOPLE to do it... that's a total of SEVEN people out of five who've completed offers- how much credit do i get? 3. i'm beginning to have second thought about the legitness of this... this happening to anyone else?


23-04-2005 00:28:01

wait 14 days and request manual credit and you should get it in a day, even if you have already cancelled your offers.


23-04-2005 08:37:47

oh really? thanks a lot D


23-04-2005 09:40:32

yeah, waiting the 14 days sucks but ive requested manual credit on 3 seperate occasions and each one went through with no problem the very next day.


26-04-2005 06:18:55

I should have done that. I had about 50 refs, and several of them I bet completed. I finally got irratated about getting my 5th rep, and contacted them, then I got approved )


26-04-2005 07:05:04

beat 6 weeks


30-04-2005 15:45:57

i have the same problem how do you request manual credit?


30-04-2005 15:56:29

i got credit one of my refs didnt but no worries i got 3 more greens for it now i have 7/5 green so i have a couple extra which is nice


30-04-2005 16:18:38

Miracleburn 1 week, no CREDIT as of YET. Need that as the last credit cause am 4/5.