Sony 27" Wega TV question...

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22-04-2005 11:09:00

Ive read some reviews on this tv saying its an excellent tv for not being HDTV, that dvds etc look great on it but that videogames look crappy on it.. can anyone confirm this?

It has S-Video and everything.. but ive read that they still look like crap.



22-04-2005 12:05:48

I saw it at Circuit City..the picture wasnt spectacular but its a pretty outdated model. It was a display so it didnt have an anttena and what not. Never heard anything about games being crappy, though.


22-04-2005 12:50:48

I have one and the picture is pretty damn good. I can't imagine why someone would say video games look bad on it. I played my PS2 on it last night via shitty composite video cables and it looked great to me.


22-04-2005 22:44:12

this tv has great quality for not being a lcd hdtv. i got it a couple weeks ago and i like what im seeing so far.


23-04-2005 08:38:32

The TV is sick man, I've had mine for a several months now and the picture on it is phenomonal. The upside to it is if your going to be playing video games to your local Best Buy and pick up some Monster cables (Component Cables) and any games that are 480p compatible (lowest HDTV) wil look AMAZING on this TV.


23-04-2005 22:24:12

I dont know a lot about tv technology.. so this sony tv is capable of displaying 480p? Isnt that hdtv? haha im confused...


24-04-2005 09:40:22

Yes, 480p is the lowest grade of HDTV; but none the less it is HDTV and video games look amazong on it with some monster component cables.