Having trouble with offers on PSPs4free

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22-04-2005 08:42:38

Hey, i just started going for a psp at psps4free, i chose them instead of freepsps because the only offer right now for freepsps that is free is napster. But after ony of my friends completed an offer, and i know he did, he didn't show up on my status page for neither signing up nor completing an offer. Should i just wait or is this a bug?


22-04-2005 12:39:57

You should probably post this in the OfferCentric Forum[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewforum.php?f=14]OfferCentric Forum

Offercentric's control panel doesn't update immediately, but if you haven't seen the person you referred show up in your pending list after a couple of hours, then they didn't follow your link correctly and you probably won't get credit for them as a referral.

Also, the offer completions don't get updated in realtime. Some take days, some take weeks to get credited.