2nd time rejected

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21-04-2005 20:48:23

wtf is up with freeipods.com and me! first time i've been rejected at all and it has happened 2 times! argh, the first was my bro who did an offer all different things except last name, the second i have no idea who did it but got grayed and i payed him. So we are contesting the 2nd one i am not getting them 7 refferals for a dam ipod!


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21-04-2005 22:03:40

Since you and your brother share the same last name, it technically "under law" and many other ways makes you a "family". Families should, do, and technically also share the same mailing address, phone number. So between your brother and you, you are not considered "unique" by Gratis, in my opinion. So therefore you violated one of their TOS rules. Like, no immediate family members, you know what I mean ?. Some people in the forums have had the same issue, and are still trying to get off hold for weeks now. Be prepared for alot of customer service tickets, and alot of waiting. Thats the way I see it. cry


21-04-2005 23:05:03

damn that sux doode...im still waiting to be approved! hopefully i dont have to get another ref, some good offers are coming and going so sux for those that gets rejected....good luck!


22-04-2005 11:06:03

I've working on my 3rd attempt at approval. I got my neighbor to do an offer it it got rejected because of similar information (apparently, living on the same street is bad, but at different house numbers). the first time I submitted for approval was 3/8. It's not a quick road by any means.


22-04-2005 11:17:08

one of my five greens was my brother (same last name different address) and i was approved without any problem, weird


22-04-2005 15:19:46

My brother has his own email address and a unique shipping address, but he doesn't have internet access at his house. So he came to my place and signed up as my referral on my computer. Before submitting my account for approval I sent in a ticket explaining the situation fearing that I would get put on hold because of a non-unique IP. I got a reply thanking me for my honesty, and saying that a note would be placed on my account advising the fraud dept. to act accordingly. Then it said to go ahead and submit. So I did.... but I'm still nervous about it. We'll see how it goes.


22-04-2005 15:25:47

oh yah, there's a report post button


22-04-2005 15:44:59

http//www.freeipodguide.com/phpBB2/smilies_mod/upload/29590b2da5931a592ffcaabc9f74ed4b.gif[" alt=""/img44853f6336] EricTaylor89

haha report his ass!!


22-04-2005 17:22:41

my dad did one for me that worked fine


22-04-2005 17:30:01

arghh you guys!


22-04-2005 18:55:04

lol bannage