Anyone STV yet?

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21-04-2005 17:04:06

Is ANYONE / has anyone heard of people going STV yet? I've been processing sinc 4/5/2005. I heard people were starting to have their PSP's shipped out soon because Gratis has started to receive them? ?


21-04-2005 17:14:33

not me. i got approved yesterday so i doubt ill be in their first shipment but well see.


21-04-2005 17:20:05

I got a message yesterday saying the first batch should go out by the end of this week so lets cross our fingers for shipment on friday! -)


21-04-2005 17:53:23

better cross your toes in that case


21-04-2005 18:50:42

Every body part is crossed...that better? 8) 8)

What are the chances I'll be STV / shipped if I've been processing since April 5 (4/5)? Likely? Not likely? Possibly?


21-04-2005 19:00:42

Unlikely as there've been a bajillion people who'd been processing WAY before you. I'll be lucky if I make it, and I went processing march 7th.


21-04-2005 19:21:06

Processing since 2/23 \


21-04-2005 20:03:58

[quoteeb8ba5e60d="EpidemiK"]Processing since 2/23 \[/quoteeb8ba5e60d]
ditto, 02/23/05 here


21-04-2005 23:14:23

damn...hopefully gratis received a lot of PSPs....I too havent been approved yet...been waiting since 4/01 (


22-04-2005 04:25:47

Processing since 2/24


22-04-2005 14:04:00

[quote87144a7bf6="Tib"]Processing since 2/24[/quote87144a7bf6]

Well you deserve it way before any of us do! I hope you get yours soon.


24-04-2005 11:39:30

[quotefcb4084a5c="Tib"]Processing since 2/24[/quotefcb4084a5c]
same here


24-04-2005 17:01:23

I've been processing since 3/1. That's about a week after the 2/23 people. I should be in the first batch right?


24-04-2005 18:11:14

After you complete all 5 offers and checkout, what are the steps...errr basically when are you home free to get your psp? After all offers are completed what are the steps till when you are home free to getting your psp?


24-04-2005 18:18:36

Well, after your 5 refs are green, and you are green, you "Submit" for "Approval". That means Gratis checks over your account and your refs accounts to make sure there is no fraud or offer frauding.

1. If they find multiple IP addresses for your account your account will be put on hold.
2. If they find your offer was frauded, your credit will be revoked.
3. If they find multiple IP addresses for your refs accounts, their account will be put on hold and your credit for them will be revoked. (They will turn red.)
4. If they find your refs offer was frauded, their credit will be revoked and so will yours for them. (They will turn red.)

I hope that wasn't confusing. But please note that you can only have your account put on hold with #1.

#2, #3, and #4 will only discredit you. Meaning you will have to get more refs or do another offer.

Approval usually takes 5 days, but it can take up to 2 weeks. After you are approved, you are able to order. Then your order will go into processing. Then you just wait for it to go STV and ship! Good luck!


25-04-2005 07:33:36

What you mean offer was frauded? All my friends did different offers, vid prof, efax, buyers advantage. I am going to get them to do freebidding, and napster. How long do those take to approve?

Also why aren't PSPs shipping if there are still PLENTY in STOCK? People can still go to the store and get a PSP.


25-04-2005 10:25:03

What I wrote to Gratis
I have heard rumors regarding the free PSPs and I'm hoping you can clarify some of them. The first was that the FreePSP that I will be receiving is the game console only, not the package with Spiderman2 etc. Also, I was told that the PSPs were going to be shipped out starting yesterday (4/20). Can you shed some light on these topics? Thanks

What Gratis wrote to me
We can not guarantee that you will receive a valued pack PSP. Hopefully you will receive this free item within this month. Thank you for writing to us.

I don't know if that means I will receive it by May or by 30 days from now. Also, kinda bummed it's probably not going to be the value pack. Whatever, hope this gives people some more info.


25-04-2005 11:00:44

I find this VERY hard to believe, where oh where did gratis manage to get PSP unit only packages where even giant outlets like wal-mart and ebgames cant even keep the value pack barely in stock?


25-04-2005 12:07:55

Here's what I received from Gratis

4/25/2005 115726 AM
customer service wrote
We are sorry for the delay. Now we have shipped lots of PSPs to our fulfillments. Hopefully it will be shipped to your address within this month. Thank you for your patience.

Can someone translate what that second sentence means?


25-04-2005 13:16:21

I think it means that you should receive your PSP this month.


25-04-2005 13:50:11

[quote4063a01132="Shadow300z"]I think it means that you should receive your PSP this month.[/quote4063a01132]

thanks, genius--that's why I specified the "second sentence."


25-04-2005 14:08:02

Daaaaamn! Good news!

Now i can sell my free one and get my money back for the one i bought haha


25-04-2005 14:10:00

[quotef59ca65e69="dcrainmaker"][quotef59ca65e69="Shadow300z"]I think it means that you should receive your PSP this month.[/quotef59ca65e69]

thanks, genius--that's why I specified the "second sentence."[/quotef59ca65e69]They have Vendors who send out the stuff. I guess Gratis had finally bought the PSP's and sent them to efullfillment.


25-04-2005 14:32:13

yeah, but Gratis ("we") "shipped lots of PSPs to our fulfillments"? Gratis shipped them to their vendors? That makes no sense.

Or do you think they mean to say that their vendor has started shipping them out (doesn't make sense either based on what we know)?


25-04-2005 15:34:11

Processing 3/14 STV 4/25!!!!