fast processing on FDPC - update: received my CyberPower PC!

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21-04-2005 12:39:55

After I had all 10 greens, I submitted my account for review on Monday morning about 8am, within 2 HOURS it was approved.

I ordered my PC the same day and the status went to processing. 2 days later it went to STV (Wednesday). We'll see how long it takes to make it to my doorstep.

I hope this is a sign of things to come with Gratis, like everyone, I'm still waiting for some update on my PSP order.


21-04-2005 13:03:17

That's good to find out. I just submitted for approval earlier this morning so hopefully I'll get approved by tomorrow. What PC did you choose?


21-04-2005 16:33:12

I am still waiting for my last referral. My trades are taking forever to go green! I am going to go for the dell.


21-04-2005 20:08:32

I decided to go with the Cyberpower.

The Dell didn't have a CDRW, so that was the deciding factor.

I love Dells (I have 3 PCs and 1 notebook all Dells), so I also wanted to try something a little different.

They changed the pic on the cyberpower recently...that would be cool if I get one like the new pic that's displayed.


21-04-2005 21:12:21

I also chose the Cyberpower. A few people have had problems with them but I'm willing to take my chances. If I get a good one, I'll be a very happy man. Good luck with yours.


22-04-2005 00:06:50

Just heard too many people have problems with the Cyberpower. I also seen that pic on the CP, looks dope. It seems like a really good gamer but the bottom line is why get something that will malfunction? Going with Dell myself, haven't heard one complaint from people who went that direction. Just two more, sooo close!


22-04-2005 08:11:21

It's not guaranteed that the cyberpowers will malfunction, so I decided to give it a shot (the complaints I read didn't seem like a "lot" to me).


22-04-2005 11:08:12

I just placed my order for the CyberPower right now. I'll make sure to give an update on how it is.


25-04-2005 20:18:46

I'd guess, broken case, loose motherboard, malfunctioning video card, laptop manual, wires squirting out at you, constant restarts, I know I'm missing some stuff... ;)


25-04-2005 23:09:43

Ahhh, you're going to curse me!


27-04-2005 04:39:05

Not if you're a SW fan. ) ROTS baby!


27-04-2005 09:33:29

I know, I cannot wait! I went to the movies last week and was even lucky enough to be there the day the presale started. Two 12.01 am tickets are right in front of me! It's going to be INSANE!


28-04-2005 12:25:06

well, I just got notification that the freedesktoppc has shipped. About 7 days from STV to shipped...not too shabby.


28-04-2005 13:02:41

keep us updated on the cyberpower D

i hope no malfunctions occur....i really want the cyber but dont wanna risk it.


29-04-2005 16:25:30

[quote50aa922e2f="ashley"]keep us updated on the cyberpower D [/quote50aa922e2f]

I got my CyberPower PC today. It's VERY slick! Just like the new product shot on the website.

Here's a quickie photo from my phone camera

http/" alt=""/"243/3001/cyberpowerphonecampic3pp.jpg[" alt=""/img50aa922e2f]


02-05-2005 03:59:03

Damn it, now I want the CP again but too many stories made that company name garbage to me.

Hope the SVT goes quick for me, still requesting approval. Come on Dell!


19-05-2005 09:45:23

I still stand by the CP, but certainly not because of customer service.

If I had my druthers, I'd be building my own PC anyhow, so I accpeted the CP as an "assembly required" PC, and was pleasantly surprised by how close to perfect it was. The Dell falls a bit more flat on specs imo, but the CP needs a lookthrough before you actually put it to use.

Are people still getting MSI mobos?