BMG music service offer

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21-04-2005 11:21:12

Whats up.. one of my offers was done by a girl who wanted CDs.. she did the BMG cd offer.. and she is the last one i have been waiting for..

it says 2-3 weeks to recieve credit... today or tommorrow is two weeks

how long has it taken you guys for it to green?


21-04-2005 13:17:51


In my opinion, since I have had 5 greens, and have already went through the referral process, is that it should take about 4 more days. 2 Weeks 4 Days. If not, look for it on the third week date. Gratis usually finishes around the latest deadline for referral credit, if you read my ipod documentary, you can see the time it took for some of my referrals. I know your excited, and are anxious to recieve your credit, but waiting is a part of the process. Good Luck! D


21-04-2005 13:42:27

thanks for the help!