lajo case questions & offer

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20-04-2005 19:36:27

i've tried searching the archives and i can't find a definite answer to my questions.

i want to order a lajo flip non-flatback case for a 30 gig photo ipod. however, i can't decide b/t the 'eXoflp Photo' and 'eXoflp 4g' cases. the 'eXoflp Photo' is listed as suitable for 40 & 60 gig photo ipods and i'm assuming the 'eXoflp 4g' is intended for use w/ 20 gig regular ipods. i can't figure out whether to go up or down in case size. the 20 gig ipod is .57" thick, 30 gig photo .63" and 60 gig photo .75". no idea what the 40 width is/was. the eXoflp 4g could be .06" too small and eXoflp photo could be up to .12" too big. (why can't they use the metric system??) i'm probably being too nitpicky but i don't want to deal w/ ordering the wrong case size and having it be too snug/loose.

also, what case is closest to being clear? i'm assuming it's either ice or frost.

also, my order is currently at $40.74 w/ discount but orders $50+ get free dhl shipping. if anyone wants something from lajo that's over $10 and wants to save on shipping, i could order your item w/ my order and the mail it to you. i assume the cases are light and shipping would be $2 max. pm me if you're interested.