went from Approved to processing in 3 hours!!

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20-04-2005 16:36:30

Wow, it said check back in 5 days, and then I checked back later in the day, and it said congrats, I have been approved and I placed my order!!!

Now, what happens next.. is it the STV process? I see some people were going STV around last week... I hope I didn't miss out on it. Maybe the speedy approval->processing is a good omen.

I am so very excited... been trying to get my mini since the offer started in January!!!

Hopefully in the next month I will have it!!


20-04-2005 16:53:35

me too...


20-04-2005 17:09:39

i just went STV a day or two ago. you may be able to get in still


20-04-2005 17:13:22

i'm at STV as well... it says waiting for product... this was my first free site.. about how long before shipping? a guess is good...


20-04-2005 17:17:40

hopefully around a week. STV means its in the vendors hands now. so as fast as they can turn it around


20-04-2005 17:28:32


Did you go from processing _> stv pretty quick?
I was really happy I got approved so soon. I was really expecting a week or longer.

Frankly, I'll just be happy if it comes, I am not even worried about getting Tiger right away. Apple is pretty good, so they will probably at least give a discount on it, if I can prove when it was shipped for example.


20-04-2005 17:54:59

I went from approved to STV in roughly 5 days. Plus if you get your mini after the release of tiger you can take it in and get the upgrade for free


20-04-2005 18:52:58

I went from requesting approval to STV in about 2.5 days...


23-04-2005 10:28:43

Mine is taking a little longer than 2.5 days.... so far it has been 3. Hey.. at least it is still in processing.

Better than Hold or some of the other things it can be.


29-04-2005 08:51:30

Well, I was approved on the 20th.. which was quick. I assume I wasn't in the batch everyone a few days before me was.

Anyone have any idea when they may be sending out the next batch? I would assume probably around a month or so....

I am in VA, so maybe I will get mine quick when it goes STV, since Gratis is in DC. Not sure where the efullfillment is shipped from though, so that could make a big difference.