Do you think freegamingsystems will have XBox2?

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19-04-2005 22:37:04

Topic says it all.

Anyone know about prices of the 3 versions? And, we can speculate if Gratis will have XBox2 on FGS once it's launched mid May.


20-04-2005 01:23:09

isnt that when its getting shown like at a confrence or somthing, cause i thought it was gonna come out around christmas.

ya im pretty sure gratis will offer it when it comes out.


20-04-2005 04:47:57

they wont offer it on start a new site, like what they did for the PSP.

makes no sense to slap it onto FGS, so many people already completed it, and will want an xbox2. I know i will.


20-04-2005 04:58:27

What Lunarpancake said. Plus I'll bet the MSRPs for the nextgen systems will be higher than $150 ($200 even), which means they'll likely be asking for more than 4 referrals.


20-04-2005 05:36:05

Like said before the price will be too high to add it to the FGS lists. They just wouldn't be able to make the profit cause i'm thinking the new systems will probably be released around $300 like the original xbox price was. New site I would think and probably 5 referrals maybe 6. Wonder if they are going to "pre-order a ton" of those like they did with the psps.


20-04-2005 08:10:23

Announced mid-may on MTV for around $250.


20-04-2005 13:32:54

[quote7b5131c877="PodTopia"]Announced mid-may on MTV for around $250.[/quote7b5131c877]
Yep D



24-04-2005 16:02:11

its being showed not going for sale on that day