has it been 3 weeks yet?

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19-04-2005 21:09:50

when did they start giving out that canned response?


19-04-2005 21:34:12

I think it was 3 weeks ago or MORE, right around the PSPs release (March 24th).


19-04-2005 21:52:58

The last rumored date that I heard was April 21st. Can't remember exactly which thread that came from because there have been sooooo many.


19-04-2005 23:11:27

yeah it must be getting pretty close to the 3-4 week mark. I wonder if the current canned response is still saying 3-4 weeks.


20-04-2005 05:38:24

Well hopefully the hurry up...I have been patient but am just chomping at the bit to try a psp out.