delemma with ipod shuffle

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19-04-2005 19:37:24

I have a question I tried to charge my ipod shuffle because I just received it today hoooray I just found out that I don't have a hi speed usb port installed on my computer. is there a way I can charge my ipodshuffle with the regular usb port?


19-04-2005 20:27:17

i just got mine today also......have you tried charging it or did you not bother since it said that you need a high speed USB port? you can buy one of these (below link) from the apple store (and probably on ebay for less) that would work for you.


hope this helps! D



19-04-2005 21:15:11

thank you that really helped alot I just ordered the high speed usb port


19-04-2005 21:24:25

Can't really see what theysayjump sent you to, but considering Apple's prices are always insanely high I thought I'd recommend going with Newegg. They have USB 2.0 adapters for around $11 shipped via FedEx Saver. Seems like you may have already purchased one, but just in case someone else stumbles across this thread...


Also have Firewire cards for around $15 shipped.


22-04-2005 09:53:52

I'm pretty sure mine charges just fine on the regular usb 1.0 port.


22-04-2005 09:57:27

The transfer speed bites on either 2.0 or 1.0. I don't think it will charge on a 1.0 but probably a 1.1


27-04-2005 19:12:36

It seemed to charge just fine on my laptop's USB port, and it's only a PII...