referral question - Unique, but might be a prob - HELP!

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19-04-2005 17:17:37

Hey all, I want to refer my girlfriend to finish my flatscreens (just need one more!), but I know that you are not allowed to walk someone through the signup. The problem arises that I have checked the status of my account on her computer before. When checking the accounts in the end, do they check IP's from logons etc.? I tried asking them through the customer service area, but their answers were completely useless. Please let me know!


19-04-2005 19:28:46

Yes they check ip's of logons.


19-04-2005 21:08:17

No, I don't think they do. I've done that on a number of my sites that have been completed successfully, including

[quote8806fed992="spincycle"]Yes they check ip's of logons.[/quote8806fed992]


19-04-2005 21:17:01

did you check status before or after they had signed up?


20-04-2005 07:23:05

Well, they do check logon ip addresses. How else would they know if you were walking someone through the process. It might not get you put on hold but it certainly raises a red flag.