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19-04-2005 16:30:17

How many people got their xbox in the recent shipment and how many people are still waiting? Also did your status change before/after you got yours?


19-04-2005 16:53:57

Their statuses didn't change, and most ordered from early January through mid-February. I ordered mine 3/14, and I don't count on it coming anytime soon.


19-04-2005 18:20:16

I actually recieved my xbox today ) finally after 2 months of waiting.


19-04-2005 18:47:42

Tib, when did you go processing? I was 3/'s been around a month and a half for me.


19-04-2005 19:00:31

Got my Xbox today too, ordered on Jan 17.


19-04-2005 19:06:12

Maybe there's still hope for me, but I think only Backordered orders shipped.


19-04-2005 21:18:30

Submitted my order 2/7 and still nothing. Glad for the January's getting theirs. Happy to wait my turn (even if it has been over 2 months...).


19-04-2005 21:28:17

LOL, I guess I wouldn't mind waiting another month, as long as I get it before XBox 2 comes out. Cuz as soon as I get it, it's going to the store for XBox 2!!!! (unveilved in May on MTV).


20-04-2005 05:37:28

[quote6baeb6acad="PodTopia"]Tib, when did you go processing? I was 3/'s been around a month and a half for me.[/quote6baeb6acad]

I don't remember my processing date but went stv 2/8 and was "shipped" 3/8 but like everyone else my order was changed to back ordered and then just magically showed up.


20-04-2005 06:53:02

When I get my DS I'm exchanging it for an Xbox (used preferably at Gamestop) and modding the shit out of it.


20-04-2005 07:09:00

I got approved for my PS2 a month ago and Gratis has told me that now they are backordered too. I also dont expect it anytime soon. Congrats to those who finally got their XBOX's


20-04-2005 11:04:32

still x-box for me, and I shipped mid February.


20-04-2005 11:10:33

Nothing yet for me, approved 3/14, sent Gratis another support ticket ).


20-04-2005 13:27:38

I asked about my PS2 yesterday (I posted this in another thread but I figured I would post it here too so everyone could know)

I asked if there was any word on the backordered PS2 and if I could switch...

4/20/2005 32446 PM
customer service wrote
Still no updates on the backordered PS2. We can not change orders once they have been placed. If it makes you feel any better, XBoxes and DS's are also backordered.

was their response


24-04-2005 09:39:15

Order # 473XXX 2/8/2005 105800 AM Back Ordered

Still NOT received (


25-04-2005 09:09:13

Same boat as you Lunar. 2/7/2005 for me. Still back-ordered, still nothing with UPS using my order number as the reference... The wait continues...