Anyone having a hard time dealing with gratis like I am?

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19-04-2005 13:49:14

Dude, I don't get gratis...ok so my account was put on hold because I had the inks from the offer sent to my brothers house cause I don't have a printer, so apparently gratis doesn't bother matching up billing addresses, leaving a gaping hole for cheaters. So they refused to take me off hold even after I explained,they saw that the inks did indeed have seperate shipping and billing addresses. Ok, then they said I was put on hold for making multiple accounts, which i admit, I did do but only cause I had no idea what the hec I was doing so I re-registered, but I never logged in or even got yellows on those accounts! Last but not least, they said I did a walk through process for my referrals. LOL!!!! How the hec am I suppose to tell people, exactly how something works, without showing them? Seriously... Anyway well it's been months now and they still refuse me to take me off hold, they keep giving me the same crap responses. Always changing their answers. My theory is that they only lose money when they have to send a product out, so they refuse to ship items out to customers for any silly excuse so they don't lose any money and continue to expand their "empire".

well I have 118 yellows on my account, not that gratis would give people credit for getting so many people to sign up.

11 greens, 2 greys(not approved). in total I got 131 emails to sign up. Anyone have any ideas of how to convince them? Do I have ot put out or something? sleep my way to the top? lol I'm serious, i've tried everything, I wrote them long ass letters and explained from top to bottom, they still refused and gave me the same monotone answer "we here at gratis take fraud very seriously! IT'S THE LAW! Don't be a dummy! BUCKLE UP!" blah blah blah. I think gratis would rather crawl on broken glass then to send out an iPod to someone. Long story short, I'm sad cause I'm iPod-less and I'm probably the only college student on campus without a nifty mp3 player! lol Any suggestions people? Thanks - Alicia D


19-04-2005 13:54:10

Just the fact that you made multiple accounts is enough for them to keep you on hold. That is in the Terms of Service. Nothing you can do about that.

And they don't make any money off of yellows. So why would they care how many you got?



19-04-2005 13:58:26

They still got free advertisement off people visiting, so even the yellows is worth something. In some peoples point of few anyway. I don't see how having another account is some form of malicious fraudulent behavior, I never logged in the other accounts nor did I refer people to them. They're stone cold dead, I don't even remember the passwords or log in nicks to them. I thought the website was a scam at first. Can't they check and see that I've never logged into them or used them from their master all great computers????


19-04-2005 14:10:56

you don't have to agree with a rule for it to be enforced.



19-04-2005 14:13:52

ya its a shame its a ridiculous rule. They should at least check the other accounts to see that they're inactive and some people are actually being honest.


19-04-2005 14:29:32

so there's no chance in hell I can get removed off hold? Has anyone ever heard of someone being taken off hold anyway?


19-04-2005 14:39:21

it happens for legitimate reasons, but in your case you are just whining because you messed up. so live with it and move on.



19-04-2005 14:52:39

you're so kind, it just makes me ill. lol


19-04-2005 22:05:36

Get someones website where they have posted a lot of proof. If you want my site (i have a few items from Gratis) PM me for a link to the proofs page.


20-04-2005 14:58:48

i had 2 accounts, 1 when i was a noob i signed up to see if it was legit and put in a fake addy and info and crap never verified and never got a yellow, after i realised it was legit i kicked myself for putting in false info so i made a new account put in real info and everything. i now realise you put in your info again at the end. well i got 7 greens 151 yellows got approved and i got my ipod on monday. I never SUMBITTED A CS TICKET AND WAS NEVER GIVEN CRAP AND NEVER BEEN ON HOLD and i still got my ipod. remember persistence is key so just keep trying