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19-04-2005 10:32:46

well, here i am am once again. after having gave up on this, i cant help but want to try again. anywho, to the point.

what have you crazy kids been doing to get referals? i still have yet to even get one. mainly because too many people dont seem to trust giving up their credit card number to a not very widly known company, (or at least not to them) and i dont want to find some random fourm and spam the crap out of it. so yeah, im desperate at this point. what with my birthday coming up and me having to choose between and ipod or psp, its a tough decision.


19-04-2005 10:39:06

why not get both the ipod and the psp? lol


19-04-2005 10:59:19

heh, i was afraid it would come to this, but...

i dont know if i could because i know i could probably get the PSP from my parents, but i dont know about the family. cause, im one out of ten, so it seems very possible, but my one sister just bought a house, the other one is getting married and already has a house but is doing remodling, the other is saving for a house, my one brother had just got fired from his job for being late, the two other brothers are young pot heads, etc.. etc... so thats my sob story. heh, so, we'll see what happens in june when my birthday comes around.


20-04-2005 14:02:55

Looks like your in a place I would hate to be in, but if I had chose between the two I would most definetly choose the PSP because it so much more versitile. I mean it may only hold a limited number of songs with the given memory stick but if your really good at compression you could probably squeeze 15 songs on there and play games, as well as watch movies. The PSP is a great investement; too bad I can't afford one just yet! Lucky you ;)