WOW - Gratis Customer Service Inquiry Reply. GOOD NEWS!

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19-04-2005 05:42:22

So like many of you, I have been processing on my handbag for quite a while now (over a month). Just recently my status changed to STV, so I inquried about what gift I should expect to receive.

Here is their response

[quotea1bd91d70a="Customer Service"] Yes, you will most likely receive the gift card in lieu of the handbag. Thank you for being so understanding.[/quotea1bd91d70a]

A gift card AND a "thank you" ? ! ? !

I guess there really is a first time for everything P


19-04-2005 07:11:37

I've been shipped for two months. Let's hope that we receive our gift cards soon.


19-04-2005 07:30:50

im stv as of 4/12 and ordered the LV bag....what bags did y'all order


19-04-2005 07:50:57



20-04-2005 18:14:23

LV, hope the card comes soon.